Issue : Do we know ourselves??
Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTime for a reality check. Are we doing something that suits our personality? or Have we simply indulged into a path because of other factors including peer pressure?

While we hear grunts every year when top notch students fail to get medical seats in the Public Universties, how could one be sure that these top notch students would actually make better doctors as compared to their averaged scored counterparts?? Has grades become the sole indicator of one's ability?

While medicine and scientific research are highly looked up on, will every student be meticulous and patient enough to be one? Will every student have enough wit to become an outspoken lawyer?or be able to generate a flair for writing to make a cut as a journalist??

As a student, one may go through many conflicts while choosing a future path. These would include not knowing which path to choose, not knowing which path suits you the best and definitely the outer pressure. Some might bluntly make a desicion only to regret much later. It seriously takes a reality check before people stop beleiving that they were born with a stetoscope or a black robe. Take ace director, M.Night Shyamalan for an instance. Like many Asian parents, his parents wanted him to be a doctor. However, he followed his heart and is now a famous director in Hollywood, his achievements should have made his parents proud.


This time, lets hear ideas from the siswa members. What are your views on this issue?
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Career Talk: Biotechnology
Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Biotechnology" seems to be the in thing these days and there's much hype about it all around the world. Even here for that matter, the government is going all out to make this a profitable industry. Bionexus is the thing in building now and they are looking forward in tapping the wide Malaysian Biodiversity as well as the Malaysian Agriculture.

Studying Biotechnology in UPM is a great experience as I find it to be one of the best IPTA's for biotechnology studies and research. We actually have our own faculty here, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomedical Sciences which comprises 3 courses ( Biotechnology, Microbiology and Biochemistry) which has many aspects in common.

For the first year of this course, we are generally exposed to basic courses which are theoretical such as 2 levels of biochemistry, microbiology, biophysical chemistry , genetics and molecular biology. There will be also an Introduction to Biotechnology Paper which would give the student an overall view on what Biotechnology is all about and some scope on its different branches. Baisc techniques such as spectrophotometers, Thin layer chromatographies and other Microbial techniques such as streak plates will be covered in the first year

In the second year, students are introduced to the application side of biotech...basically a few subjects from each branch of biotech..subjects include Genetic Engineering, Enzyme Technology, Plant and Animal Cell Tissue Culture, Fermentation Technology and Instrumentation in Biotechnological Research. Basically students should start grasping the principles and techniques during the second year.

From this, students are required to branch out in the final year to one of the major areas in biotech..the ones offered are Molecular Biology ( which includes DNA and gene technology), Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology and Food Biotechnology. A 2 months industrial training is necessary and so is a final year project.

Currently, UPM's Biotech programme is of a 3 year duration but is supposed to be upgraded to a 4 year programme in a year. This would add more value to your programme since biotechnology being of a wide scope is not sufficiently covered in a year 3 period. The lecturers here are highly experienced and knowledgable besides having a good research track record. The course is conducted fully in English by the way and you would definitely need a CGPA of 3.7 to 3.9 to enter..nothing lesser than 3.7 as far as i know.. The classroom environment is good and competitive and there's somewhat an average of 3 Indians per batch...maybe more next year...who knows??

Biotech is a good field to be in since its being all hyped about..and if you wanna study biotech, UPM would be ur safest welcome aboard..

Praveen Reginald

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